4 Challenges Legal Translation Service in Dubai Has to Overcome

The country United Arab Emirates as a whole has perceived an impulsive success in almost every single industry, together with the Legal Translation business. The turf of Legal Translation is a culture dependent subject field of translation of transcripts within the field of law. Thus the translation process has the need for a very microscopic courtesy while translating the texts, without interrupting the terminologies and keeping the real sense intact. Keeping in mind the national and the international conferences that take place in UAE, the arena of Legal translation has extended its wings and thus an evident number of companies are serving the field of Legal translation service in Dubai.


There are some definite challenges that manifest and that a legal translation breadwinner has to encounter with while serving this exquisite field. The effectiveness of the resolution preferred by the organizations to resolve the challenges, help them to stand out to serialize the rank of its services henceforth.

  • The first and the foremost point to keep in mind while working as a legal translator is that one is always bound to maintain the inevitable confidentiality of the information shared and the documents provided for the process.
  • Now, if a group of texts is being translated once, may serve the obligation of maintaining its genuineness and thus it is easy ignoring convenient translation instead of terminology based translation. But while a document needs to be translated consistently according to the need of the organization it is quite inflexible and needs years of experience to reach the efficiency level of the service.
  • Understanding the linguistic structure and the sensitivity of the content and then translating the same is more critical in the Legal translation Industry. It’s very obvious that legal translation is not like writing a casual blog with manipulative and attractive jargons and phrases to retain the reader, but it entirely contains legal terms and phrases, and code words basically used in the legal industry only and that should be legally operative too.

 E.g. the criminal force Article 346 which stands for the offence of human trafficking and states that “Shall be sentenced to term imprisonment, whoever brings in or out of the country a human being for the purpose of possessing, or disposing of, him as well as whoever purchases, sells, offers for sale or otherwise disposes of a human being as a slave” can’t be written as “The individual or the group of people found to be involved directly or indirectly in the offense of human trafficking in sake of possessing or hiring someone for slavery will be punished and will be put behind bars”, even while both the quote-unquote have the same meaning.

  • The terminologies and the legal systems and regulations also differ according to the country of operations thus the team of Legal translators should be a good hold and knowledge of Law, of different countries and the terms used to describe those.


We at Torjoman improvise our services to overcome those challenges effectively.

Torjoman consists of a highly capable and knowledgeable team of Legal Translators and Linguists, who have professional experience working in the field since long and thus are counted one of the best team of Legal Translation Dubai, with more than a few offices in many countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United States.

Torjoman has faith in a process driven working culture thus our team devotes most of the time frame of the mandatory span to complete a project, in the enhancement of effectively translated legal manuscripts.

We use our expertise in reviewing the translated document more than once by different legal translators of our team and thus promise a standardized service to our clients.

We have bagged numerous appreciations and thus we are studded with the most renowned clientele from across the globe. It is quite admirable how our team consistently works hard and works for hand in hand to retain the position and focuses upon a hassle-free and cost-effective Legal translation services in Dubai to our customers.

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