7 Questions to Ask an Instant Cleaning Service Provider in Dubai

If you take a closer look at the advertisement of most of the home cleaning services in Dubai, they appear to be more or less the same. It is nearly impossible to figure out how good an instant cleaning service provider is at their job by merely looking at the advertisement, right? So, do we have a solution here? Well, yes! You ought to ask them a few questions that can really help you in understanding their services better and taking an informed decision.

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So, if you are planning to get your home deep cleaned before the festive season kicks in, here are a few questions that you must ask the chosen service provider.

Do Service Partners Undergo Screening Before Going Onboard?

This is a crucial point to consider. A deep cleaning session will take anywhere from 6-7 hours, and the service provider you choose must have the policy of conducting a background check of each of their service partners or employees. Most reputed service providers like UrbanClap perform a stringent background check of cleaning companies and professionals who have partnered with them. A background check builds trust and ensures safety of the customers. Furthermore, when verified and highly-qualified professionals get the cleaning job done, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Is There Any Sort of Insurance That is Offered?

Always ask this question as accidents can happen anytime during the cleaning session. For example, if the harsh floor cleaning liquid somehow lands on your sofa, it may cause discolouration, and the adversity is irreversible. Moreover, if the cleaning session is insured, the service provider will cover up the losses. Many service providers like UrbanClap also cover damages and theft. When you opt for an insured service, your mind will be at peace.

What About the Equipment and Cleaning Supplies?

There is no point in hiring a professional cleaning service when you have to take the pain of bringing home all the supplies they need. I mean you can step outside of you house for better things with your nol card (now that you can even do nol balance check online!). The service provider you choose must carry their supplies for great results. The supplies used by professional cleaners are of a higher quality than those that you use on an everyday basis. So, it is better to hire one that provides an all-inclusive service.

Will I Have to Prepare Anything Before the Cleaners Arrive?

If you have kids and pets, you need to have an answer to this question. If the cleaners are using environmentally-friendly cleaning agents, you don’t have to worry about the health of your family members. However, you might have to send your kids and pets to a relative’s place if regular cleaning supplies will be used. With this information by your side, the cleaning process will become as hassle-free as it should be.

How Long Will the Deep Cleaning Process Take?

Ideally, a deep cleaning session takes anywhere between 6-7 hours. However, it also depends on how big or small your house is. When you have a timeline in mind, you will be able to plan the entire day according to the same.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Most cleaning service providers charge according to the service type you choose or on an Sq. Ft. basis. Many also offer specific cleaning service for a custom quote. Have a clear conversation about the cost before you go ahead and hire a cleaning service in Dubai.

What About the Post Cleaning Mess?

Mess is guaranteed when your house is undergoing a deep cleaning session. So, you must know if the cleaning company takes the authority to sort the post-cleaning mess for you. Most of them do, but it’s better to be transparent about it.


Now that you have a list of some of the most important and common questions to ask an instant cleaning service provider, be sure of inquiring about these to make an informed decision.

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