Stupid selfies: Russian model taking heat for insane photo shoot in Dubai – TomoNews – Dubai Video

published: 2017-02-16 08:33:43

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — A Russian daredevil model has been taking heat
online for a photoshoot where she hangs off a skyscraper without any safety equipment.

It’s safe to say Viktoria Odintsova isn’t afraid of heights. The model from St. Petersburg has been posting snaps and videos from the Dubai shoot on her Instagram account, according to Russia Today.

Her first Instagram video from the shoot already has over a million views.

A six minute video from the shoot was posted up on YouTube last month. It starts with Odintsova practicing her moves for the stunt on the ground.

It then proceeds to an exciting stair scene where she and her cameramen walk up to the roof of a Dubai skyscraper.

The model then walks out to the side of the skyscraper and holding onto a cameraman with one arm leans off the building without any safety equipment.

She then one ups herself by hanging off the side of the building while the cameraman grabs hold of her arm.

Seems like a lot to risk for some pictures and a YouTube video that only has 840,000 hits.


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Watch the original Dubai Video here

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  1. first please tomonews can you pin this

  2. both of them are stupid.. the camera man and the model doesn't realize they could had just photoshop it..

  3. Imagine how funny it would have been if they fell

  4. hate that shit. Killing animals for a photo… have those people try to keep a goldfish alive for a month, bet they fail.

  5. That model can hang from my skyscraper any time….badum tssss

  6. I think she is smart, daring, bold, & inspiring. she has body intelligence- just look how fit she is! I bet the adrenaline rush from this stunt made her and her bf have the best sex after!!!

  7. Oh, boy! I get that this russian and the camera man are both stupid, but no need to keep insulting/wishing death upon her.
    Oh god, the comments though.

  8. I agree. Killing animals for a selfish photo. Better have gone to jail!!

  9. she takes pills for that dark skin right


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