UAE jobseekers told: ‘Sort out your CVs’

Many HR departments have been fielding increased volumes of applications in recent weeks as workers look to move on in the New Year. But according to Ash Athawale, a manager at recruiter REED Global, jobseekers in the UAE are making elementary mistakes that doom their application the minute they click ‘send’.

Unprofessional email addresses, blanket applications to a variety of positions at a single company and even spelling mistakes in the subject line of their mail are all too common, he explained to 7DAYS on Wednesday.

“Attention to detail is one thing that people seem to be overlooking – when they decide to go out there they just machine gun every job portal, just sending CVs,” he said. Athawale said that inappropriate email addresses with light-hearted terms like ‘partygirl’ or ‘gamerboy24x7’ will see many applications headed straight for the trash.

Recruiters get similarly frustrated when budding candidates don’t bother to explain their interest in the position in a covering letter. “I get emails that say ‘find attached my CV, please do the needful’. What is the needful? Delete it?” Athawale says.

As a general rule candidates should have a firewall between their work and personal lives – if only to keep out snooping recruiters. Athawale added: “You have a personal email address. I am going to put that in Google and Google you – if I find you on facebook and Twitter and you are doing everything except your job, I am not interested.”

It seems that 7DAYS readers are no strangers to sightings of a dodgy CV. Several of you got in touch yesterday to share your withering opinions of regional résumés.

“I received one where the photo of the girl looked like it had been taken on a night out!” said one. Another sighed: “People need to target their industry. I get five to 10 CVs a day, most of which have no relevance to our business whatsoever.”

UAE jobseekers told: 'Sort out your CVs'

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