Apple leaves a sour taste in this tech fan’s mouth

That was exciting for everyone and also for me but then I waited for the iPad 2 and got it. But when the iPad 3, 4 and especially the iPad mini came out, I got very confused. Number one, the iPad 3, when it came out I thought that it would have many new features! But guess what, it practically had NOTHING.

All of my spoiled friends who were targeted by peer pressure to always buy the new thing bought it! In my opinion when I compared the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 together, it was the same! It was a nerds dream because it was ‘HD’ and had a new processor! Wow! I could not believe my eyes! People were actually falling for that joke! And now number two, the iPad 4. All that was different was that it had the new Apple charger! It was probably a good thing for a spoiled person who owned both the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4 because if they lost one of their chargers, they always had another one. And now for number three, the iPad mini.

When I first heard of it, I seriously thought it was a joke! But when I actually saw one of my classmates having it, I was astonished. It was practically an iPod! I mean correct me if I’m wrong here but, the whole point of an iPad is being big and wide. And if you are not satisfied with the iPad, then just buy an iPod! It’s way cheaper and is practically an iPhone that can’t call! Don’t you think that Apple is running out of ideas?

Confused iPad 2 owner, UAE

Apple leaves a sour taste in this tech fan's mouth

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