Surfing Wave Pool Dubai – Dubai Video

Dean Gough, Leon Bennett & Luke Cunningham were lucky enough to try out a new wave pool built recently in Dubai… Tune by MT Eden Dubstep: Sierra Leone
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I didn’t know thise kinds of pool exist. obviously, its not the real deal, but good enough to practise I guess.. nice! wish I had one

  2. Alot of people are concerned about that, ye.

    Specially the west, like the United States which contributes to their well being with bombings. Ye you’re right, a pool makes a fucking world of a difference.

  3. For insulation most probably, no matter how hot it is outside, the water element drops your body temperature alot faster than air. Plus wetsuits give you buoyancy.

  4. I wish the high rolers would invest some money in a good life for the lower class first instead of spending their billions of dollars for luxury and futility’s while everybody in the middle east is living like sh!t.

  5. Holy shit I’m so glad I came across this video, Chris Webby remixed this song and I’ve always wanted to know who originally made the beat.

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