New Nissan JUKE-R vs Supercars Dubai STREET CHALLENGE 2012 – Dubai Video

Nissan has released official footage of a demonstration race in which the Juke-R – the world’s fastest crossover – took on and beat three supercars around a specially-constructed circuit at the glamorous Dubai International Marine Club. The muscular, 485bhp Juke-R made its global debut as the official pace car for the Dubai 24 Hours on January 13and then stayed in Dubai to take on the supercar establishment in their own urban back yard. At the wheel of the triumphant Juke-R for the demo race was Lucas Ordonez – winner of the inaugural Nissan GT Academy in 2008 and podium finisher in last year’s Le Mans 24 Hours. Taking on the Juke-R around the 0.58km course, which featured the dramatic Dubai skyline on one side and a Monaco-style selection of yachts on the other, were a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Mercedes SLS AMG and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

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24 Responses to “New Nissan JUKE-R vs Supercars Dubai STREET CHALLENGE 2012 – Dubai Video”

  1. philrsi says:

    Apparently if you have a spare £400,000 any Nissan dealer will order you a Juke-R.

  2. vfgbhcnjfutikgufii says:

    ▼▼どなたかに見て頂ける事を祈っております。ここに書くのもどうかと思いましたが、あまり時間が残されていないのでお許し下さい…。宝クジの当選金200000000円の使い道をどうしたらいいのかと悩んでいます。寄付はしましたし、既に数名の方にも100万単位でお譲りさせて頂いております。現在残っている残金は全てお譲り可能です。受け取りたい方はご連絡下さい。YOUTUBEですと規約違反となり連絡が途絶えてしまいます。そこで制限が無いブログサイトを見付けましたので受け取りたい方はそちらからご連絡下さい。本日お譲りする事もできるので気軽に仰って下さい。ブログ→ /

  3. yuyuyulovekiss says:

    ◆◇◆ 生活が苦しい方、訳がありお金に困っている方など…見て頂ければ幸いです。今現在、私には「100,000,000円」以上の資産が御座います。ですが私は癌で余命宣告を受けております。子供や親族も一切おりません…この「100,000,000円」を受け取りたいという方がいましたら、出来る限りお早めにご連絡を頂きたいと思います。大金が不安な方は少額でも構いません。youtubeですとルール違反となり連絡が途絶えてしまうので、こちらのブログサイトよりご連絡下さい。制限などありませんのでスムーズにお話しが進められると思います→ /

  4. TheHpepe says:

    I totally agree with you!

  5. PinoyPlaya4LifeTV says:

    Nah, its not fake. Its just the track is short meaning any car that gets first right off the line will usually stay first unless you get a long straight track in between where the supercars can catch up.

  6. casuso2 says:

    El piloto que conduce el juke-R es Lucas Ordoñez

  7. お金いり ませんか says:


  8. ugdhrgoihs says:

    唐突な内容ですみません。お好きな額で構いません、幾らでも良いのでお引き取り頂けませんか?ブログ→ / ブログの内容は拝見された方、お気軽にご連絡下さい。私は余命宣告を受け、身体の自由が利かないほどです。このお金を幸せの《掛け橋》として使って頂ける方を探しております。勿論、純粋に、真剣に、お金を欲しいと仰って頂けるなら、『今直ぐにでもお渡し出来ます』ブログ→ /

  9. banktank1 says:

    i think so

  10. IX19UT8O says:

    BTW the JukeR’s awful handling is because of its short and high frame. It’s either the drivers, a staged race for a Nissan promotional video as you put it, or both.

  11. IX19UT8O says:

    No, never been in a road race, I leave it to the pros. I’m a car junkie though. I like going to races whenever I can, and auto shows. I read the specs of the cars in the races and then compare it to the results. Most of the time it doesn’t compare so I mostly go with the driver(s). It looks like the Juke got a jump on the three and in a short course like this, whoever gets ahead stays ahead. Besides, the Juke had a pro driver, not it appears for the other three (don’t know for sure).

  12. speedo098 says:

    Can off whipass! :)

  13. genesis195 says:

    I do, much like you, question the validity of this video. I’m sure it’s fake as well since its’ a juke promotion video. But I must ask you this, based one what you said, have you ever been in a road race before? and on small tracks like this as well. But yes, i agree with you, on paper it would look as if the super cars would win hands down.

  14. genesis195 says:

    I should have paid more attention. thanks. 

  15. meteora8888 says:

    Nice but the lines taken by the others don’t seem to great. Looks a little bias to the juke.

  16. IX19UT8O says:

    BTW that’s the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 not the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

  17. IX19UT8O says:

    When compared to the other three cars, the Juke is heavier, over 4000 lbs, under 4000 lbs for the others, has less power, 485hp, over 550hp for the others, and “awful in the handling department”. The Juke is slightly quicker at 0-62, but even in this short course the other three cars should have smoked it. They are lighter, faster, and better handling.

  18. IX19UT8O says:

    At $590K better have a very very big piggy bank but then that’s a drop in a bucket for the boys in Dubai. Horse power will jump from 485 to 545 same as the 2012 GTR but then the 2012 GTR will only empty your piggy bank of $90.9K.

  19. genesis195 says:

    small track = super cars can’t be used to full potential. This is the perfect example of HP doesn’t mean everything on the track. With that said though the drivers of the super cars are running their lines all wrong, making me believe they are amateurs. At one point you can see the aventador rip up that little straight, but was forced to brake right away, hence again, power couldn’t be full utilized. none the less I believe when the juke r is produced, it’s going to be a beast.

  20. AndyBtheDrummer says:

    Word on the street is that Nissan are going to produce a very limited number of these badboys…… Time to empty the piggy bank….

  21. ztunelover says:

    The track was definitely suited better for something super short wheelbase, surprise surprise the juke has a very short wheelbase.

  22. rahul45459 says:

    RaGiNg BulLs !

  23. catgoarcke says:

    There are 2 Juke Rs in the world…shocking that you are even less likely to get one of those compared to an actual super car…

  24. porcu12345 says:

    it’d go around about 2 seconds slower than a 2012 nissan gtr. Which can beat lots of super cards.


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