Expo 2020 win to increase electricity, water consumption by 20% per year in Dubai

Dubai has up to 25% spare capacity to meet the new challenge; Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park will provide 13% of energy, says Dewa chief

Full News here – Zawya.com – UAE News

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  1. As Expo 2020 in the neighborhood. To avoid another bubble burst. UAE got be transparent and publish its cooked books for public. Truth is virtue. I doubt that UAE will be bold to deploy uninfluenced grassroots think-tanks, stewed in their own trivial provincialism and untouched by Seigniorage Bankster that devastated the whole world to gather raw facts. HSBC ain’t a reliable source of information to be taken seriously when it comes to UAE purchasing trends. Why bother? It’s a scam until I see HSBC’s criteria governing the Bank’s Purchasing Manager Index forged. HSBC is a failing Seigniorage Bankster who bankrupted the colonies and eventually itself. Call HSBC’s Omani victims they will be able to playwright Bollywood movies outta their melancholy.


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