A.R. RAHMAN MASHUP | DJ SHADOW DUBAI & DJ ANSH VIDEO BY – PRAKHAR RISODKAR https://www.facebook.com/prakhar.risodkar.official Download: www.soundcloud.com/dj…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to “A.R. RAHMAN MASHUP | DJ SHADOW DUBAI & DJ ANSH – Dubai Video”

  1. anilbhatti86 says:

    Mash up : Awesome
    Music : Rahman Sir, you are GREAT. You the BOSS.
    Video Editing : Cool man :-D

  2. nnash911 says:

    is it only me who thinks this guy has degraded ar rahmans music with this shitty mix

  3. Shivraj Amin says:

    Awesome job bro..

  4. Frank says:

    U can find the link for mp3 in songs.pk

  5. Mahendra Kalapala says:

    i want ths song download link i didnt get ths in ur soundcloud site

  6. Kishan Agarwal says:

    grt…bt missed sadda haq

  7. jak jak says:

    wah wah !!

  8. bhaskar unni says:

    This is one a stunner..absolute beauty.. (Y)

  9. Badrinarayanan Muralidharan says:

    This is just pure awesomeness

  10. mak leo says:

    AwesoMe MasHup Bro… SupEr LikE..!!

  11. vinoj mano says:


  12. pocketfuture says:

    This is awesome. Looking forward to way more mashups and collaborations with other DJs

  13. UKVATO says:

    You got good talent , keep up the good work , love to have you to play on my wedding.

  14. Rafiq Pate says:

    shadow is the DON!

  15. Feizan Arshad says:

    What’s the name of song 02:45

  16. efaz1989 says:

    Dude ur fu…en..Amazing.!! The video and the mash up of the songs is just great. Keep it up.!!!!

  17. Nithin p nair says:

    awesome mix bro
    well done

  18. DJsudi krish says:

    only mallu shadow can do this …..

  19. Osama Afzal says:

    start was awesome…after 1 min its sucks

  20. Thejus Rajendran says:

    awesome bro… :D

  21. srkdewaani says:

    For once YES YES and YES!!!
    a SICK mashup well done bro

  22. Gopal Tanna says:

    awesome song


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