UAE Dubai City Metro in HD, very long – most of the route 2013! High definition 1080p, 1920×1080 – Dubai Video

Been to Dubai Metro? If not, have a look at our experience… Don’t hesitate to switch Quality to 1080HD, then click Full Screen Mode – and enjoy your view l…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “UAE Dubai City Metro in HD, very long – most of the route 2013! High definition 1080p, 1920×1080 – Dubai Video”

  1. stanilasc8 says:

    for you

  2. lokomotiva371 says:


  3. tino dubravčić says:

    Dubai look like simcity 5 :D


    Good shooting



  6. yksniset says:

    Popřemýšlím o tom.

  7. yekxan yek says:

    eleykum nusrun lilmuslimin fi suriyaa

  8. kigerneko says:

    Terrible place :s

  9. Property For Sale In Dubai says:

    so long

  10. ruicosta273 says:

    taky mě ta čeština dostala :-D

  11. Joey Pastir says:

    4:10 at the top left??? alien???

  12. Qashqaiom says:


  13. ahsan moin says:

    it’s a city

  14. rugmgg says:

    amaizing contry dubai” beatifull

  15. TravellingDocuments says:

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  16. ruralurbano says:

    Woou…this is the future, but i don’t like it…it looks so empty and cold.

  17. iiiCr4zYiii says:

    يا لبى من عاش في ذا الديره اللي تفتح النفس :)

  18. Emil1787 says:

    I’m really considering about moving to Dubai. I’am a Future guy, Z Future guy lol and this is a future city i’w been looking and waiting for my entire life. oh boy oh boy ohhh boy i’m excited to go there =) Great video my man!!

  19. yksniset says:

    Češtinu jsem teda fakt nečekal. :)))))

  20. Hassan Juma says:

    Is the lady at 15:23 speaking swahili?

  21. ياسر العنزي says:

    I love Dubai <3 WOW !!

  22. charlie Erickson says:

    everywhere you look theres new skyscrapers and buildings being built in 5 years just imagine what dubai will be

  23. killall217 says:

    Dude it’s Dubai Mall, have you seen what it looks like inside? Ofc everything is real, not knock off shit.


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