Dubai — World Class Travel Destination (Dubai HD Video Guide) – Dubai Video

Dubai — World Class Travel Destination (Dubai HD Video Guide) ❤ Explore Dubai before you travel. We have put together this Dubai guide to show you all its tourists attractions and travel secret…

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19 Responses to “Dubai — World Class Travel Destination (Dubai HD Video Guide) – Dubai Video”

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    Lol me KKK ? Ahah Nope, my family are Muslim and hate Arabs as all they do is kill, act hypocritical and are just plain scum!

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  8. zulqishulk says:

    At least it’s benificial

  9. rjbrianclavel98 says:

    Dubai made palm island and they think its beautiful but its just a destruction in nature

  10. Hamza Ali says:

    just because you have a degree it doesn’t make you a better person.

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  12. runa1955 says:

    You can kiss or kisses till your heart content
    in your room!!! Why on the streets? Thanks god it’s not allowed to do that here, in Dubai!

  13. chimoio100 says:

    awful lot of semi literate people posting here, praising dubai,people that can’t spell,nor string a coherent sentence together……write without using profanities [that’s swearing]I can appreciate that for some english is not their first language,still begs the question however,
    is dubai full of thickies like as wat is on ere??

  14. abdulmashuk says:

    I cnt wait till i get married then take my babe there for hollyday and also planning to buy a nice luxury home when ever im there i can play..

  15. Habib Miakhan says:

    I wish I got a handsome job in Dubai.I am crazy about Dubai.

  16. Harry Grimsey says:


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  17. Adam Cahill says:

    check out ( VICE, slaves of Dubai) on youtube for the other side of this story.
    If you are against the exploitation of people from developing countries then dont go to Dubai!!!

  18. Nosent LoL says:

    your 100% right alhmady

  19. Ebrahim Alhamdy says:

    hey brit….typical English man hating on muslim once again…see im here in UK in a visit..and yall are the most racist people on can see segregation in every corner…unless u go to the ghettos in London u see mixed society druggies as yall call them..look your not college graduate..your just hateful person that is narrow minded…UK aint even that great…your blaming muslims for the world crime..because of what? UK is the main problem of all of this shit is going on


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