We need someone to tackle bully landlords

In response to the letter ‘Nobody has learned from last rent bubble’ (June 25), the rent committee and RERA set out rules about how a landlord can evict a tenant in the event they actually want to move into a property.

The unfortunate thing is that many people are not aware of their rights and some landlords are just plain bullies.

I heard of one recent case where a landlord threatened to throw a tenant in jail for trespassing if they didn’t vacate after they refused to pay an unjustified rent increase. I would like to see a tenant support group formed that can be called on for advice and support when it comes to negotiating with some of these rogue landlords who think they are above the laws of this country.

I also believe that a law forcing landlords to pay for the agents’ fees will make them think again about turfing tenants out on a whim.

Dubai Resi, Dubai

We need someone to tackle bully landlords

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