Cribs: Dubai Living – Pet Tiger, Crazy Cars, Helicopter, Crazy Housing! -Better than US- – Dubai Video

A walk through of some foreign house. I can say I now know what jealousy is… Wtf is that a supercar filled with beds for his pets? :o.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to “Cribs: Dubai Living – Pet Tiger, Crazy Cars, Helicopter, Crazy Housing! -Better than US- – Dubai Video”

  1. Kennard Nguyen says:

    lol if the dogs on the tiger’s nerve they’re dead

  2. Leonard Washington says:

    everything is chewed on and fucked up, i bet it smell like straight shit in there

  3. kilah waters says:

    F u people who dis liked

  4. kilah waters says:

    Cute house u rich to me

  5. undertaker97151 says:

    Wtf itz a zoo=p but I like it=p

  6. Miguel Flores says:

    Are You jelly?? Lol. money is money my friend and everyone who has it, they also have the right to spend it however the fuck they want.

  7. iDriinkMonster . says:

    “I’m so rich my pet tiger sleeps in the body of my old Lamborghini.”

  8. bryce wingate says:

    1.13 iron man suits

  9. rakoonloufa88 says:

    idiot…he have nothing….

  10. LJ Blazing says:

    ;Better than US’
    hahaha talk about oxymoron’s.

  11. ugn669 says:

    Unless you’re the tiger. :/

  12. rowaldperquin says:

    i think you are really happy

  13. VBProductions270 says:

    Wtf do u live in

  14. golfmaniac007 says:

    this is so ghetto. money cannot buy taste.

  15. mrthetle says:

    Sorry or the wife to pick up the shit

  16. geamnegru says:

    nutu camataru from romania sleepet with 4 lions in the bed and 2 bears in the garden

  17. thexenochannel11353 says:

    are tigers LEGAL to be pets?

  18. CreativityisKeyTV says:

    the dogs are still alive?

  19. CreativityisKeyTV says:

    rich motherfucka

  20. Necr0agsix66 says:

    Tiger is so awesome, plus great house man

  21. Stacey Andrews says:

    what a fucking rich little shit, thats all the stuff i’ll never have


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