Volkswagen and Raya Abirached launch regional competition to support new musical talent

The first component of the new initiative is the introduction of a new regional competition – ‘Your Music. Das Auto.’

The competition invites people to develop an original song around a specially commissioned beat.

Supporting Volkswagen at the launch was Raya Abirached, the popular host of Arabs Got Talent, who is using the knowledge and expertise gained on this show to help Volkswagen find a potential new regional music star.

“I am supporting Volkswagen because I am passionate and absolutely committed to encouraging young people, especially young Arabs, realise the wonderful creative potential that exists across this region.”

“When I was just a young girl living in Lebanon I never thought I would be able to interview celebrities and cover Hollywood and I want to give these young people the chance to live their dreams too, they need our support.”

People may also wonder why Volkswagen would get involved with a music initiative.

Thomas Milz, Managing Director of Volkswagen Middle East, said: “The introduction of this competition, and our wider support of grassroots music, is our way of demonstrating long-term commitment and support that Volkswagen has for this region.

“We have a very long and successful history in connecting people and communities through music and our intention is for Volkswagen to be the vehicle, literally and figuratively, that connects the passion that people in the Middle East have for cars and music,” he concluded.

The competition is open to anyone from 18 to 30 with a passion for music, but with criteria that will ensure it retains its Middle East focus.

People who wish to take part will need to download the Volkswagen beat pattern which is available on the Volkswagen Middle East’s Facebook page.

They will then need to use this beat within an original song. Each entry must contain some Arabic lyrics and must have original lyrical content.

The winner will have their song expertly recorded and mixed by a leading music producer. Volkswagen will then commission a video to be made to support the song.

The local music community are already looking forward to the opportunities that Volkswagen’s grassroots programme and competition can offer. Philip Reuben Ortiguero, a guitarist in a local Dubai band, said: “This is great and news and the prizes are amazing. I am really looking forward to working with my band to write our song.”

For more information about the competition you can visit the Volkswagen facebook page

Volkswagen and Raya Abirached launch regional competition to support new musical talent

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