Lazy smoker is on the road to nowhere…

From people pulling up outside cafes and shops, beeping their horns for workers to come and take their orders because they’re too bone idle to get out and order themselves, to rich idiots sauntering along without a care in the world while their maid or some poor shop workers struggles with all their shopping behind them. I hardly even notice it anymore.

But, calling in to pick up a prescription at the hospital today I had to laugh. What appeared to be a perfectly healthy man was stood outside waiting for his valet-parked car to be returned – ridiculous enough seeing as there’s plenty of spaces across the road if he’d been willing to, you know, use his legs and walk.

But what was even worse was he was smoking while waiting. I realise hospital staff can’t stop him smoking but it just made me think, if even at the hospital, where people come to be cured, to learn lessons about how to live a healthy life, and they’re not pushing messages to help people to stop smoking and get a bit of exercise, we really are on a road to nowhere.

Helena, Dubai

Lazy smoker is on the road to nowhere...

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