Justin Bieber caught speeding in Dubai

The force was responding to reports that emerged on the website Reddit that he had set off up to six cameras in a Lamborghini Aventador on Sheikh Zayed Road.

According to a Dubai Traffic Police spokesperson, patrols noticed a white Lamborghini speeding on SZR and they asked the motorist to stop: “Justin has a number of fines for exceeding speed limit on SZR.”

However, the spokesperson said he was not able to confirm the number of tickets at this stage nor release any further details.

The Sun newspaper, though, said he was believed to have been caught speeding on Sunday night (May 5) on the way to his second gig at the The Sevens Stadium.

They quoted a witness as saying: “He was travelling along the Sheikh Zayed Road where there are at least six speed cameras. Every single one flashed off as he went past.

“He had a close shave with a bus and stood out like a sore thumb. A 19 year old in a white Lamborghini is hardly discreet.”

A fan video, that has gone viral, of Justin Bieber arriving for his first concert at the Dubai Sevens stadium:

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Justin Bieber caught speeding in Dubai

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