Fireman kicks lover out of car after being caught having sex

The 25-year-old Emirati and the 27-year-old Moroccan woman were parked near Al Faqa’a village on the Dubai to Al Ain road when they heard the sound of police sirens.

The man, who works as a firefighter but was off-duty, kicked the woman out of the car and sped off naked, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told. Police went to give pursuit as the suspect drove at more than 200kph down the wrong side of the carriageway, however they called off the chase as they felt it was dangerous to other motorists.

Meanwhile, the woman dialed 999 and reported that she had been kidnapped and raped. Her lawyer told the court: “The Emirati had driven to a remote area where he parked his car, removed his clothes and asked to have sex with her. He was completely naked when he threw my client out of his car and escaped at high speed after he heard police sirens.

“He claimed that he agreed to pay her for Dhs3,000 for sex. But my client was found with her clothes ripped off and had bruises all over her body. It was a kidnap and rape case not a consensual sex.”

He added: “She works as ground staff at the airport and gets a Dhs10,000 salary and lives in a flat provided by her company. Why would she want to have sex with him for Dhs3,000 when she lives a satisfactory life?”

He also said the fireman was struggling to pay alimony of Dhs1,000, adding: “How could someone agree to have sex for Dhs3,000 when he cannot afford Dhs1,000?”
However, the court found the sex was consensual and convicted them both of having an illegal affair, which the woman denied. Both defendants were given a one-year suspended jail sentence.

The woman will also be deported.

Fireman kicks lover out of car after being caught having sex

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