Schoolboy to give airline tickets to people needing cancer treatment

Dubai-based Aaditya Singh, nine, danced his way to first place in a contest to raise breast cancer awareness. But instead of jetting off on a trip, Aaditya is donating his prize – two Etihad return tickets to India – to cancer patients who wish to seek treatment overseas.

Aaditya is appealing through 7DAYS for people to come forward if they would like the tickets so they can travel to India for medical treatment.

“Treatment is most expensive here, so the tickets are open to anyone from any country who needs help,” he said. “Growing up, my older brother had some cool toys and I would say: ‘Where did you get those?’

“He would say they were from our grandmother. I never knew her, we lost her a month before I was born so I wanted to honour her.” Innovative dance moves helped Aaditya groove his way to glory in a contest organised by Protect Your Mom, a Dubai-based facebook campaign group, set up by breast cancer survivor Premi Mathew.

“I looked on Google for some moves and I created some. The dance is meant to tell a story of how cancer can hurt people,” he said.

Aaditya beat off dancers from 20 colleges and schools across Dubai. His mother, Veenu, said Aaditya has also been affected by the loss of a family friend to cancer.

“She was like a member of the family,” Veenu added. “We lost her when she was 39 years old. “Her children played with my children so that really struck Aaditya hard when she died. He now knows more about cancer awareness than most adults.” Now for his birthday, he asks for a mammogram for his mother as a gift.

“It is the best gift to give a child, to know their mother is safe,” Aaditya said.

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Schoolboy to give airline tickets to people needing cancer treatment

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