Burj Khalifa – Dubai New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Dubai Video

Spectacular countdown celebration marked Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala 2013, attracting over 1 million visitors. The event featured extraordinary lake show ‘Water, Fire & Light’ and iconic Burj Khalifa fireworks which where synchronized to a live performance by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

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14 Responses to “Burj Khalifa – Dubai New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Dubai Video”

  1. Nathan Pattison says:

    This is just a lame copy of londons yearly fireworks

  2. MrJustin017 says:

    thats not true im a filipino i used to work in dubai and this is the best city in the middle east

  3. discord2000 says:

    Beaten to death, instead…

  4. Mikayel Manukyan says:


  5. ianator999 says:

    nah man not in Dubai. Almost everyone’s rich there. (apart from the indians and bangladeshi workers but even they don’t starve to death even if they are kept in bad conditions)

  6. Phil Go says:

    I wish the starving kids in Africa and all over the world could see this amazing waste of money …

  7. Qwertymck49 says:

    So amazing

  8. AnxiousFly says:


  9. AnxiousFly says:

    thats the place where people still starve to death, right?

  10. twaldorf says:

    20 Billion $ for firework but no HD cams?!?

  11. Marauder1981 says:

    If you think of all the people who died for this wealth its not so beautiful anymore

  12. ThePSGamingShow says:

    Hi im a gaming youtuber ( british ), i would really appreciate it if you check out my channel and if you like what you see subscribe. P.s sorry about the spam

  13. oliver munro says:

    A man fell of the 103rd floor of that building

  14. Facebook3682 says:

    Well, its a occasion. So why not use fireworks. Especially if its the worlds tallest building.


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