The Poop snake – Dubai Video

Where does al lthe poop go in Dubai? Millions of people and no sewers, just holding tanks and “poop” trucks. We found this lineup out on the highway and never found the end of it. We asked the drivers and they had been there for 3 days. Maybe why they now just dump it in the ocean and the beaches are closed. Listen closely….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to “The Poop snake – Dubai Video”

  1. clnmyjts says:

    don`t eat any hamburgers with out first checking to make sure its not a poop burger..LOL

  2. darkknight07100 says:

    Dubai is the best looking shithole on Earth.

  3. lionsfromlambs says:

    Jesus h christ one of you guys sound like yankee prepper lol

  4. John de speville says:

    These barbaric Arabs still live in the stone ages and it would take them another 10,000 years to be like the rest of us.

  5. John Cox says:

    The place is definitely full of shit..

  6. redelman43199 says:

    Use aluminum or PVC piping. Those can resist corrosion.

  7. nat103042 says:

    Didn’t these guys
    Realize they were driving in circles??

  8. bobfrompikecreek says:

    mark, i’m a big fan of your work but i’m disappointed that you missed the opportunity to say “poop loop”

  9. acsial says:

    There are serious corrosion issues with saltwater, as anyone who has rebuilt a yacht head knows. And what is to be done with the waste? Apparently, it just gets dumped in the desert, and this is also largely what happens in Israel, etc. There are maximum ecological loads certain areas can support, and the Middle East exceeded theirs long ago.

  10. muyuu says:

    That’s a shitload of trucks.

  11. redelman43199 says:

    Why does toilet water have to be fresh? Nobody drinks toilet water so who cares if it’s salty. They got that big ass ocean right there that could solve all their problems. Just unfortunately this country is full of idiots.

  12. bullsnutsoz says:

    To make pink slime!

  13. nightwishfan06 says:

    ….. what happens if it crashes and all the poop explodes….

  14. wwood14 says:

    Where do they take the poop??


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